Ublock Origin Youtube Not Working: How to Fix

In this article, we will know how to fix Ublock Origin Youtube Not Working, and Ublock Origin Not Blocking YouTube ads. Some people are experiencing or facing issues like Ublock Origin stopping working on YouTube while watching YouTube on the Internet. This is real! when we watch videos on YouTube, they can be shown many […]

M&S 12 Days of Christmas App not Working – How to Fix

M&S is a fashion, food, and homewares app that makes shopping for its users’ favorite M&S products easier than ever. Users can shop their product at home, on the go, or in-store with the M&S app. Suddenly, if you are experiencing the M&S 12 Days of Christmas app not working on Android, iPhone, and others. […]

Steam captcha not working: How to Fix

If you are experiencing trouble like Steam captcha not working or Steam recaptcha not working on Linux MAC and Windows browsers. it may come during creating a new account or logging in Steam account. There are a few reasons why Steam Captcha is not working. So, the above reason could be the reason for Steam […]

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